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Pets of Hastings : Baxter / The Cake Room

I've been dying to paint Baxter ever since I first walked into The Cake Room in the Hastings American Ground. He's the resident pooch in this gorgeous cafe, and can be found wandering around greeting customers or quietly napping on a sofa. I always feel so inspired whenever I pop in for a coffee, as it's filled with leafy house plants, pea green tiling and delicious cakes. It seemed the obvious choice for this paintings patterned background!

(A delicious vegan chocolate orange cake!)

This painting is part of my Pets of Hastings project - a series of paintings I'm creating inspired by Hastings (where I live) and the pets that live in it. I'm planning to create a wide range of colourful patterned and scenic backgrounds all inspired by the town and it's residents. If you would like to find out a little more about the project, or would like to get involved, please visit my previous blog post : Pets of Hastings - A New Project! Get Involved!


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