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Proof Ghosts Exist?!

I am constantly on the look out for spooky tales so safe to say, when one of our lovely 'The Cute Life' listeners Sophie Brabbins contacted me to say her fiancée had inadvertently caught a ghost on camera - I was EXCITED.

She went onto explain that Oli, her fiancée, was looking round a cottage they were looking to make an offer on. He had gone over there to meet with the daughter of the old lady who owned it, who was in a care home at the time so her daughter was orchestrating it. Whilst she was upstairs considering Oli's offer, he began taking photos of the downstairs and sent them to Sophie to take a look at. It was then that Sophie noticed Oli wasn't the only person in the room!

In this room, next to the old fireplace you can see a mirror. You can tell it's a mirror and not a picture because of the light reflected in the glass visible in the foreground. In the mirror you can clearly see the reflection of an old man, with white hair around the back of his head and bald on top with a grey/green jumper on. Sophie assures me there was no one else in the room at the time, and the only two people who were in the house were her fiancée and the owners daughter. It was only when Sophie pointed him out that Oli noticed there was anything untoward about the photos at all.

What's even more amazing is there is a second photo to back it up. This image is less clear but you can see the reflection of Oli (who is taking the photo) on the left hand side of this window, and on the right, there is a silhouette of a man, who looks as if he's stooped forward slightly. You can also see the reflection of the mirror in the background behind the figure - which would line up with where the man would be standing in the previous photograph.

I'm pleased to say Sophie and Oli were brave enough to buy the cottage so I asked Sophie if she had any further contact with the ghostly figure! She said she hadn't and she suspected it was the owners husband, who had recently passed away. I like to think that he was waiting around for his wife to join him. She has since died so I hope they have been reunited in the afterlife (but not now both haunting Sophie's home!)

What's amazing is how clear the image is, he's not a weird shadow or blurry shape. It's the clear solid figure of a man. As a single image it's amazing, but there's even another one to support it! Also the fact I know and I trust Sophie makes me believe it's authenticity. I see no reason why she would make this up or go to the bother of photo shopping it. I think it's the best photo of a ghost I've ever seen! Do let me know what you think and if you're as creeped out as I am!


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