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PRE-ORDER Woodland Daydreams zine

A5 14 page zine featuring a compliation of promarker sketchbook drawings. All inspired by woodland.

I grew up during the 1990’s in the English countryside, in a small village called Fittleworth, not far from the South Downs. We lived in an 18th century cottage and I spent most weekends exploring the surrounding woodland. My sisters and I would spend hours making elaborate dens, swinging on (slightly dangerous) rope swings, climbing trees and hunting for wildlife to make our temporary pets - Stag beetles were our main point of focus. We were accompanied on our adventures by our sweet black Labrador, Cotton. When we weren’t busy exploring, I spent a lot of time alone in my room, daydreaming and drawing. I would imagine the adult me, in a remote cabin somewhere filled with animals, set in acres and acres of private woodland - just me alone with my dogs for company. It was only after I started to compile these drawings together that I realised that once again my mind had floated back to adventure through the bracken. Step inside my woodland daydreams.

'Woodland Daydreams' Zine

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