11 x 14'' Pawtrait hand painted in Gouache paint on heavyweight smooth paper or braced wooden panel with your choice of background. 


Approximately 29.7cm x 42cm.




Single colour - A plain, single colour background. I mix my own paints so I can include nearly any colour of the rainbow! I am happy to advise if you are unsure of what would look best.


Simple Pattern - A simple graphic pattern such as spots, stars, stripes or polka pots.


Detailed Pattern - Create a bold, eye catching Pawtrait with a detailed pattern background. This could include - food, leaves, flowers or a vintage wallpaper style backdrop.  


Scenic - To be painted in situ. This could include interiors, a garden, mountains, woodland, a beach or a meadow. I can use your photographs for reference or create a scene using provided locations.


If you are unsure about which background applies to your Pawtrait please contact me before ordering. I am happy to help. Please note that overly complicated pieces will incur an extra charge. This may include elaborate clothing or scenes that require extensive research or mock ups.


Pieces come unframed. Braced wooden panel is made from High Quality Plywood in a 20mm width which can be propped up or hung directly onto a wall.

11 x 14'' Pawtrait

  • Once your order has been placed, I will be in contact via email to request an image to work from, as well as to discuss the background and composition.


    To create on your Pawtrait I need high res photographs to work from. Please read through my photograph guidelines before placing your order! Your photos MUST adhere to these guidelines or I may not be able to complete your Pawtrait. 


    Please keep in mind each Pawtrait is hand made to order and usually takes between 2 - 8 weeks to be completed. Please confirm with me prior to purchase if you need it for a particular date.