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My Nest Collection

Today I wanted to share with you my most precious collection. I've been collecting birds nests for around 10 years now. It started off as a project at uni and just continued from there. Most have been gifted to me by friends or family members - my mum is a garden designer so often comes across them in hedgerows and trees while she's working. Birds typically reuse old nests, so these have only been taken in the case that they've had to be moved, or that they were very obviously discarded.

Not all of my collection is pictured, as some were too fragile to be photographed. I currently keep them safely wrapped up in tissue paper in a box in my attic. But one day I'm hoping to find the perfect way to display them, ideally in a glass top table. They are so beautifully intricate, each one quite different from the next, weaved with a range of materials, such as sheep's wool, horse hair, string, moss and feathers. I also like the fact the shape of the nest is often dictated by where the bird built it - some are square, some are round, and some have a flat edge. They bring me a lot of joy so I hope you love them too!


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