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Personal Project : Hair Portraits.

One of my new years resolutions for 2019 was to draw more. I've spent the last 5 years concentrating almost exclusively on developing my painting style, so much so that drawing very much became an after thought. I studied Fine Art Drawing at university and it's something that has always come quite naturally to me. It's never a chore, I could spend hours and hours drawing and feel as though no time has gone by at all - so I felt sad that I had neglected it over the last few years. I also wanted to concentrate on working more in monochrome, primarily in black indian ink as I feel like I've managed to get to grips with my use of colour recently. I thought it would be interesting to limit myself and use a more refined colour palette.

I find when you are trying to keep up with a drawing or painting challenge half the battle is coming up with ideas and a subject matter to draw in the first place. Hair portraits seemed like a great solution to this as I'd been researching a lot of hairstyles for my wedding. I already had a little hoard of imagery to get me started and I could easily find more inspiration - through Pinterest, Instagram and even roping in family and friends. I was drawn to the fact each piece could be simple yet intricate and allowed me to really play with detail and texture. I like the fact little details that would usually be over looked become the primary focus of the drawing - an earring, an eyelash or the collar of a shirt.

Here are a few of my favourite pieces from the project so far. All are available to buy over on my website shop (although some have sold now!) Click on the image for a closer look. I've also opened this up as a bespoke commission option, so if you would like your very own hair portrait you can place an order here. I think they would make lovely wedding or anniversary present or even a unique memento of your children!


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