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Photograph guidelines

Please read through these photograph guidelines carefully and take these into consideration when selecting reference imagery. If I ask you to provide more photos - please do not be offended as I just want you to have my best work! Poor reference images mean I spend twice as long on a painting that is half as good. They reflect poorly on my work and jeopardize other customers paintings as I waste time having to rectify mistakes.

  • I require high resolution photographs to work from. Photos taken on most camera phones are perfectly fine but obviously if you have a DLR camera these will be higher quality. Please email over the largest file size possible. The more high res the image, the more detail I can include in your Pawtrait.

  • They must to be taken in good, natural light and clearly show the pets face, features and colouring accurately. By a window or outside on a clear day is usually best. This is especially important with black or white animals.

  • Please avoid harsh sunlight or lamplight. This bleaches out the fur and changes the appearence of the fur.

  • They must clearly show the whole shape of the pets head i.e not cropped so the pets ears aren't in frame or close ups of the face. 

  • The photos must not be blurry or out of focus.

  • Photos must be taken at the pets eye level, photos taken from directly above will not be suitable. Raise them up on a seat, table or steps where possible if this helps.

  • Please send the original image files. Screenshots or images with filters taken from Instagram or Facebook will not be suitable.

  • Photos taken from too far away, or where their faces are obscured by toys, sticks, blankets or food etc won't be acceptable.

  • If you are looking to order a double Pawtrait, I can work from separate photos of each subject but they need to be taken at roughly the same angle.


  •  I require photos depicting the whole body for classic style Pawtraits. Pattern Background paintings require head and shoulders shots.


Examples for my website.jpg
tovah example.jpg

Bear in mind these will be the only way I can get to know the pet and I can't paint what I can't see, so the more true to life to photographs are, the better your painting will be. Please feel free to send over multiple photos if you are unsure. The more I have to choose from the better really! I use one photo has the main reference image, and any others you may supply I will use to help build up an accurate depiction of their colouring.

Please note - these photo guidelines still apply for Memorial Pawtraits or for Pawtraits intended as surprise gifts. If you are unsure the limited photos you have will be suitable please contact me before placing your order. Gift vouchers are also available.

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