Q : Do you do commissions? 

A : Yes I regularly take on commissions. I open my books once or twice a month depending on how busy I am. If you would like more information on placing an order and to be notified when my books will reopen please visit my Commission a Pawtrait page. You can browse my Custom Pawtrait sizes over on my Commissions page. Please visit here before contacting me regarding pricing. Prices vary depending on the size, style and material they are painted on. 

Q : How long does a commission take? 

A : Depending on the size of the piece and how busy I am, Pawtraits usually take between 2 - 8 weeks unless otherwise stated. If you need it for a particular date, please confirm with me before placing your order and I will try and work to have it with you in time.

Q : What photographs are suitable to work from? 

A : To get started on a Pawtrait I need some high quality images to work from. They need to be taken in good light (preferably outside) and clearly show the pets face and colouring so I can achieve an accurate likeness. A good composition is important, photos taken from ground level tend to be best. Remember, the better the photograph, the better the painting! I wrote a blog post which you should also find helpful : How to take a great reference photo of your pet.

Q : Do you ship worldwide?


A : Yes, I ship all over the world with regular customers in America, Canada and Australia, plus many more! Shipping costs can be found on the individual product pages.


Q : Do you take requests? 


A : No I do not take requests. 


Visit my contact page and get in touch via email or through the contact form. 

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