Proof Ghosts Exist?!

I am constantly on the look out for spooky tales so safe to say, when one of our lovely 'The Cute Life' listeners Sophie Brabbins contacted me to say her fiancée had inadvertently caught a ghost on camera - I was EXCITED. She went onto explain that Oli, her fiancée, was looking round a cottage they were looking to make an offer on. He had gone over there to meet with the daughter of the old lady who owned it, who was in a care home at the time so her daughter was orchestrating it. Whilst she was upstairs considering Oli's offer, he began taking photos of the downstairs and sent them to Sophie to take a look at. It was then that Sophie noticed Oli wasn't the only person in the room! In this r

Some thoughts on turning 30.

This week I turned the big 3-0! And seeing as I'm being asked quite a lot about it, I thought I would try and sum up a little of how I feel in a blog post. It's obviously difficult to concentrate my life leading up until now into a few short paragraphs but I wanted to touch on a few things I've learnt and how I've changed. So how DO I feel about turning thirty? Pretty good actually! It's a massive cliché but with each year that's gone by I've learnt a little more about myself and have grown in confidence. I feel quite satisfied by what I've achieved and my life as it is. I have my dream career as a full time artist. I'm a wife to a lovely husband (which still feels much too grown up!) We now

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