Pets of Hastings : Baxter / The Cake Room

I've been dying to paint Baxter ever since I first walked into The Cake Room in the Hastings American Ground. He's the resident pooch in this gorgeous cafe, and can be found wandering around greeting customers or quietly napping on a sofa. I always feel so inspired whenever I pop in for a coffee, as it's filled with leafy house plants, pea green tiling and delicious cakes. It seemed the obvious choice for this paintings patterned background! (A delicious vegan chocolate orange cake!) This painting is part of my Pets of Hastings project - a series of paintings I'm creating inspired by Hastings (where I live) and the pets that live in it. I'm planning to create a wide range of colourful patter

Is Instagram Making Artists Miserable?

I remember I first time I read that Instagram was going to drop it's chronological feed in favour of an algorithm. We were in the car on the way to a family holiday in the lake district. My stomach dropped and I turned to my boyfriend and said something along the lines of 'this is going to ruin my business.' What I didn't realise at the time was how miserable it was going to make me feel too. I've never studied marketing, I went to university and studied fine art drawing, a course that taught us absolutely nothing about marketing our artwork in either the real or online world. Everything I know I've taught myself by trial and error, or by personal research. I must have gotten fairly good at

My Nest Collection

Today I wanted to share with you my most precious collection. I've been collecting birds nests for around 10 years now. It started off as a project at uni and just continued from there. Most have been gifted to me by friends or family members - my mum is a garden designer so often comes across them in hedgerows and trees while she's working. Birds typically reuse old nests, so these have only been taken in the case that they've had to be moved, or that they were very obviously discarded. Not all of my collection is pictured, as some were too fragile to be photographed. I currently keep them safely wrapped up in tissue paper in a box in my attic. But one day I'm hoping to find the perfect way

We designed our Wedding Invitations!

Today, as it's almost 1 month until the big day, I wanted to share the wedding invitations myself and my fiancé Ollie designed! I thought I would talk a little bit about our process and share some of the inspiration behind the drawing. We've collaborated on several portraits before and even offer this as a product on my shop but haven't actually done anything for ourselves before, so it seemed like an obvious choice when we started thinking about designing our own invitations. I created our portraits using black Indian ink working from photographs, then Ollie illustrated the background using dip pen and the same Indian ink. I love Ollie's work so much (although I may be a little biased!) His

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