I lived next door to a cat hoarder...

I grew up living next to an extreme cat hoarder. So extreme that when he passed away several years ago at the age of 78, they removed over 80 cats from his property. Before I start this post, I would like to point out that this isn't the most pleasant of stories. I shall spare you the gory details but if you are particularly sensitive, maybe this isn't the blog post for you. We moved next door to Fred Saigeman in 1996 when I was 6 years old. He was a softly spoken, eccentric and clearly intelligent gentleman - a former teacher who had won a scholarship to study at Oxford. He had returned to Fulling Mill Cottage in Fittleworth - a former guest house - to care for his ailing Mother. When she d

What inspires my colour schemes and backgrounds.

I've had a little break from blogging recently. I have been pretty busy with commissions and trying to finish personal work so it has been neglected slightly - sorry! I thought I would get back into the swing of writing again by talking about what inspires my colour schemes and backgrounds. It is always important to me that my paintings have a contemporary twist. I think a lot of Pet Portraiture is quite traditional - photographic drawings of labradors and pheasants - not that there is anything wrong with that style of work, it's just not something that I'm particularly interested in creating. Sometimes colours I see while I'm out walking in St Leonards and Hastings work themselves into my p

Finnley Elliott // Professional artist specialising in Pet Portraiture / Contact : finnleyelliott@hotmail.co.uk

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