Talking about My Why.

I have been thinking a lot recently about why I decided to become a freelance artist and why I particularly love to paint pets. There are lots of reasons that have played their part in why I went down this road, although some are deeper than others. I painted my first Pawtrait around 3 and a half years ago. It was my good friends birthday and I wanted to give her something meaningful but I had very little money at the time (living in London is so expensive!) I had a long hard think about what she liked best in the world and the answer was simple. She is obsessed with her pet, a cat named Ernest - who she affectionately calls The Little Freak. When I gave it to her, her lovely face lit up and

Creative Hastings : A New Project!

One of my aims for 2018 is to make some more creative friends and to become more involved with local events in and around Hastings & St Leonards on Sea. We moved here in July last year and with me working from home and Ollie working up in London during the week, we haven't had the opportunity to meet many people here. I am lucky to have lots of friends doing various amazing jobs that I am very proud of but I don't know anyone trying to make a living from their art (despite going to art college!) I always feel a little jealous when I see people on Instagram doing exhibitions or art fairs together, when I'm stuck at home on my own. There are so many amazing creative people in St Leonards and

Finnley Elliott // Professional artist specialising in Pet Portraiture / Contact :

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