A Weekend in Venice

So last weekend was a pretty bloody great weekend. After a short plane ride followed by a tortuously slow boat ride - we arrived in gloriously sunny (albeit chilly) Venice. It was exactly how I imagined it, postcard perfect with every street nicer than the next. Our hotel was right on the waterfront and only a few minutes walk from St Marks square. The square was definitely worth a visit to see Doge's Palace but it was absolutely heaving with tourists which is never particularly relaxing - the further we wandered away from it the quieter and nicer it got! I found it really bizarre to be in a place with no cars - it was really hard to ignore the ingrained action of looking left and right! Our

My Creative Process

I am going to attempt to talk through my creative process when it comes to creating commissions. Each painting is different though, so I can't say there is a specific formula I stick to. I am not saying the way I do things is right, but over the years this is what I've found works for me! All of my paintings are created by hand using Winsor and Newton Gouache paint. For those that don't know, Gouache (pronounced gwash) is most similar to watercolour but is not as transparent. It can be mixed with water and it dries matt so gives a flat, block effect. Because of this, I prefer working on a smooth surface, as opposed to stretched canvas and I think it works better with my style. After an order

Oh hey to being 28!

I still can't quite believe that today I turn 28! It doesn't seem that long ago that I was leaving primary school and feeling all grown up. When I was 10, being 28 was forever away and seemed VERY old. I thought I would of traveled the world and got married by now but to date I've got as far as moving to St Leonards! For the first birthday in a while though I feel like I don't mind turning a year older as I think I've achieved quite a lot since turning 27. This time last year we were visiting Hastings for the first time, and now we actually live here! We finally got out of renting and onto the property ladder, which I'm exceedingly happy about. It's given me the freedom to work really hard o

Finnley Elliott // Professional artist specialising in Pet Portraiture / Contact : finnleyelliott@hotmail.co.uk

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